Using Trail Cameras to Monitor The Deer Activity


Mentioning about the technology, it has been developed for years to bring the improvement to different types of machine and device. For example, home appliances, laptop and mobile devices. For those who love hunting, the trail camera was also released with more features and benefits for users.

With the trail camera, this type of device is very fun to use; however, it is also considered as the great device when individuals can get lots of benefits from hunting the bucks. In fact, these trail cameras are often used by the most professionals or even those who want to make the most of their hunting process. In this article, we will show you some useful methods that hunters can apply for monitor the mature deer.

Hunting deer seem to be the common activities for most hunters. The reason is that they can explore the new method as well as overcome the challenges

The setting and placement

For some individuals, they tend to purchase the machine then firstly uses it on their hunting process. Actually, this activity is not highly regarded. When buying one new trail camera, it is better that people become familiar with it than use for the special events. For instance, you can run it in the bedroom, or the outside garden so that people can get used to what happened in the camera.

  1. One of the most elements when using the camera is the quality of pictures. Therefore, try to observe the different types of image that come out of your device (during the day and night)
  1. Understand the way of targeting your deer is also necessary. You just need to target to space above your belt. This is the right movement that measured for the mature deer.

In addition, there are still lots of things that individuals should remember when setting their camera. Just need to keep in mind those tips and things will go smoothly

  • The distance between your camera and the target should be approximately 12 – 16 ft
  • As mentioned, focus on the space above your belt rather than the lower stage
  • Get away from the area which is covered by fog or rain during the days. This will limit your observation from hunting the deer
  • If possible, hunters should face their camera to the north. It will help limit the sunlight and north in the morning.

Bring along your essentials

In fact, people are more likely to catch the mature deer rather than the small one. Therefore, among various methods, scouting seems to be the way which has been recommended by most professional hunters. But this way only brings the effective result when individuals know how not to distract the woods.

Among various types of device, trail camera is known to be the most effective method which helps individuals to keep track with their target

Besides the scouting method, having one trail camera will bring lots of benefits in controlling the bucks. Take a deeper look, the camera should be placed every 100 acres for each plot of fruit trees or soil.

For those who often find it hard to set the place for your camera, then staging area and the corridors are two common places you should consider. When you have placed already, all you have to do is just get the bucks inside this corner and hunt them.

Narrow the area

If you have become familiar with hunting deer, then you can get to know their living habitat, habits as well as the time these animals active during the day. At this moment, individuals now can narrow the area as well as the regular activities of their target animal.

According to most beginners, they tend to focus on lots of deer rather than targeting the particular one. This method is not highly recommended by most professionals. Obviously, having one particular goal will give you more effort and attention on what you are intending to hunt, especially the bucks.

For this method, we will give you one tip which is removing the location of camera regularly. As long as you remove your camera, it would be easier to catch the deer in just a short period of time. Otherwise, you are now moving our devices out of the hunting area.

Focus on the activities and living habitat

Water, food and the living area, these three elements play an important role in the whole entire life of one particular deer. Usually, those animals often go out and find food from the early morning. Until the sun rises, the deer tend to fall asleep in some common suggled. Those activities just keep on repeating during the day.

Commonly, deer often go out in the morning to get their food then wander around the bushes or snuggled for a place to rest.

  • However, for most people who have not known, deer still make various movements during the night, the time when you thought that they are sleeping. If you still have not known, why don’t search for more movements of buck at night before going on hunting them?
  • If you understand this, the probability of success is considered to be very high, especially for those who start their hunting season in the quiet and less crowded area.
  • In contrast to those who do not have this opportunity, it would be a pity since you will rarely successful in hunting your own bucks. Since bucks now soon learned how to change their direction very often; therefore, once you can guess the route. You can catch them easier and faster.

Overall, hunting the deer is the most common animal that we often see from hunters. However, knowing the right way to catch those animals is not easy. All you have to do is practice and remember the route as well as other elements that play an important role during the hunting process. And if you can afford the price, having one high-quality trail camera will give the best benefits that individuals may have never expected.

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