Best Youth Compound Bows Reviews For 2018 – Top Rated For The Money


I remember as a youngster the first bow I ever had. I wasn’t more than five or six years old when I purchased a toy bow and arrow set from a local dollar store in my area. Even though I was six years old I would shoot the wooden arrows that came with this simple set over and over each day. Later when I was older I received my first compound bow. That was a step up. My love for archery kept going into my adult life.

Today there are lots of opportunity for youths to gain training on how to use a bow as well as safety training. In the schools in our local area they teach bow safety as one of the classes each year. There are many youth compound bows available to you today. We will look at some of the top ones.

Best Youth Compound Bow Review:

1.Barnett 1108 Vortex H2O Youth Archery Bow

This very useful piece of archery will grow up with your young archer. This bow will provide your youth tremendous shooting fun for hours. This bow will also provide youngster who are enthusiastic about hunting with a greater chance in the woods. Constructed with AMO/ATA standards in mind this bow will provide the perfect beginning for your youth bow hunter. Comes in High Definition Camouflage finish to give it an added advantage in the woods. A really great looking bow to get started with. Comes with an aluminum riser for a long lasting bow.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw Weight: 30-45 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 26 inches -28 inches
  • High Definition Camouflage Finish
  • 60-70% Let Off
  • Aluminum Riser
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2.Bear Archery Brave 3 Bow Set

This Bear Archery Brave set has everything need to get that young bow hunter on the right track at a young age. This particular bow is recommended for eight years old and up. The bow feature composite limb and riser construction. One thing about this bow set is that it is designed for older children. As with any bow your child needs to have the right safety training and supervision. This is genuine Bear quality at a great price. Built with passion for archery this set makes certain that your young archer has the best chance to develop their archery skills.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw Weight: 15-20 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 15-20”
  • Let Off: 65%
  • Axle to Axle length: 26”
  • Durable Composite Limbs and Riser
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3.Barnett Outdoor Lil Banshee Jr.

This smooth little bow is from renowned archery company Barnett. It is an affordable way to introduce your youngster to archery. This bow has a newly designed soft tip that is nonslip. Comes in black or Realtree camo. A five year manufacturer’s warranty will give you the confidence that this product will last under a lot of use. Once again this would be an excellent choice for the beginner. This is a good bow for younger children.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw weight: 18 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18-22”
  • Soft touch Grip
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Final Verdict

Regardless of the decision you make on which bow to purchase for your young bow hunter there are some great youth compound bows to choose from. After you introduce your young child to archery it is very important to get them the training and supervision they need. Also try to get them to a bow hunter education class. Safety should always be first priority for our youngsters no matter what we introduce them to. I remember when I was taught about the outdoors and outdoor activities at a young age. It laid down a path for me that I am extremely glad I followed. So there you go, the best compound bow for youth!

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