Best Recurve Bow Stringer Review and Guide for 2018


Archery is becoming more popular in the U.S. as a sport and not just a great hunting skill.  The best Archers or Bowman have their own ideas about their equipment and where to find the said equipment. However, some of the necessary skills needed to maintain and care for archery equipment are relatively common.

One of the skills needed by every good bowman is the ability to string their bow. As for those who are using recurves, the techniques are a plenty.  Bow stringers can be found online or in almost any hunting store that carries archery equipment.

Once the archer is able to understand the complexities of archery alongside the upkeep of the equipment, choosing the type of stringer that best fits the individual becomes more important.

Many experts will argue the importance of stringing and unstringing. But, the matter of fact is, finding a stringer that fits your needs will make this part of bow ownership and archery much more pleasant.

What is a Recurve Bow Stringer?

A bow stringer is basically designed to eliminate the twisting limbs on recurve bows. When the limbs of the bow are compromised or twisted, the bow becomes compromised as is the safety of using the bow. Regardless of the type of stringer that any one archer chooses, it is paramount that safety be considered any time the bow is in need of maintenance.

Just as with any sport, it is extremely important to take proper care of equipment. In this case, the equipment can be very delicate.  The stringers are all essentially alike in terms of having a large and a small loop to use on the limbs of the bow.  However, the difference in the various stringers will come into play. Carefully examine the type of stringer you want/need prior to making your final decision.

How to String a Recurve Bow With A Stringer?

Using a bow-stringer is considered to be the only safe way to string up a wood recurve or longbow. As with any equipment, some methods used to string will vary based on the type of stringer used. However, the general steps for stringing a recurve bow with a stringer are below.

  • Step 1: Before you begin, make sure your bow has the top string loop (the larger loop) over the top limb and the bottom loop (the smaller loop) attached to the bottom limb in the grooves.
  • Step 2:  You will use the large pocket of the stringer and place it over the bottom limb tip. The smaller pocket of the stringer will fit over the top limb tip.
  • Step 3:  With the stringer installed as outlined in step 2, grab the bow by the grip. Hold the bow parallel to the ground and place one foot over the center of stringer chord.
  • Step 4:  Pull the bow upward  away from the ground and with your free hand.  Begin to slide the top loop of the bowstring towards the groove in the tip of the top limb.
  • Step 5:  Slide the loop into the grooves on the tip of the top limb.
  • Step 6:  Once the loop is secured into the grooves, slowly relax the tension of the stringer chord until the bowstring carries all of the tension of the limbs.

The bow is now strung and the stringer chord is relaxed and hanging free. You can now remove the stringer from both of the limb tips.  You will need to make sure the string loops are riding in the limb tip grooves properly and you are ready to take your bow out to shoot.

The 3 Best Recurve Bow Stringer Review:

As you learn to string your bow with a bow stringer, you will inevitably find that you have a favorite. There are many bow stringers available on the market. The most important factor is to find one that you are comfortable using.

1. Selway Limbsaver Stringer Review

The Selway Limbsaver Recurve Bow Stringer features an extra-large Cordura limb cup for protection against twisting and a nonslip rubber limb block for depressing the limb.

2.EW Bateman Stringer Review

And Finally, there’s the EW Bateman Recurve/longbow Stringer. It boasts a new larger tip to help retain string in groove and the small tip. This allows for more room for stringing and unstringing.

3. Bear Archery Recurve Bow Stringer Review

The Bear Archery Recurve Bow Stringer on the other hand, comes with 2 soft, flexible grippers. They are designed to ensure proper alignment and protection. This stringer has a double pocket to secure limb tips in place, eliminating the need for twisting.

Final Verdict

Stringing and unstringing of a bow is one of the responsibilities that archers should learn as he/she masters the skills of shooting. The other skills needed for any experienced archer will vary almost as much as the archer himself. Therefore, it makes sense that taking care of one’s archery equipment is equally diverse.

Regardless of whether you are looking to hunt with your bow or you are a competitive archer, you will want to take good care of your equipment and ensuring that it’s in good condition. The recurve bow stringer is there to make the process of stringing easier.

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