Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera Review


If you are really looking for a useful camera in lower price which has some decent features then Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera is the best option for you. With 35-infrared LED trail camera, 40-foot nighttime range and 1.5-second trigger speed.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera another very inexpensive product which has offered impressive results. It has delivered much more than what was expected. When you compare it with Moultrie game camera, it is equally cost effective and offers a worthy alternative. But to tell you that it does not have high end or rich features like other models but at the same time fulfills your needs and is adequate to use. One of the best benefits which you get from this product is its affordability. It is more than what you invest, enhances your coverage range and is a blessing for people who want to cover large properties or want to scout on multiple game trails.

Benefits of customer when using Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera


Primos mentions, that they have set a goal with this camera. In the first place, it offers such a product which is very simple and easy to use. Being so simple makes it very reliable, this is what I have experienced and they have been successful in this. Durability is its best benefit.

Primos Truth Cam 35 has been working perfectly even if its use is extended to outdoor periods. The product has been built with best elements ad requires very less maintenance to work for longer period of time.

2. Design

Like other game cameras, Primos Truth Cam 35 doesn’t look flashy. This is a very good thing in my eyes. Designing of the camera is done in such a way that it aims at concealment and also it’s packed in low profile thin casing.

To blend the Cam with the environment, Matric camo helps a lot. It gives a finished look. If you have a look at it from the front, it has external LCD, PIR motion sensor, camera lens and infrared LED lights which help in the visibility of window along with hidden camera buttons behind the door of camera and battery compartments.

3. Security

For extra security, the case is inclusive of door latch and security cable hole which could be pad locked.

4. Other benefits:

There are many things apart from the low price that makes this camera so appealing. What are those things? Easy operation of the product is one main feature of the camera which makes it very comfortable for the user. This camera is ready to use as it is already pre-configured. As you take it out from the box, you can use it.

For good going you have to put in an SD memory card, and 4 D size rechargeable or alkaline batteries. The slot in which you insert SD card is the bottom of the camera. It is also used as an external battery port and is also protected by a rubber cover. With so many reviews of people, it can also be told that the battery life of this product is good. Even after taking hundreds of pictures, the battery doesn’t go down.

Great Features of the product

Pixel: Resolution of the camera is 3 megapixels but very sensitive, which are enough to capture good shoots/pictures.

Range and Flash: Nighttime flash range 40 feet. This is due to the 35 infrared LED bank which is worth the price of the product.

Trigger: 1.5 sec trigger speed and in sleeping mode 0.3 sec. It has a multi-burst mode which helps in capturing 9, 7, 5, 3 or 1 image per trigger. This ensures that there are quite good chances of getting a clear picture. Since the speed of the camera is fast 1.5 sec this does not allow the camera to go in the sleeping mode.

Battery life: Good, it can last longer than what you expect. But there are some factors on which battery life depends on. These factors are the frequency of capturing photos, temperature and brand.

Highlighted Features

  • 35 Infrared LED (Can capture video images or still wildlife images).
  • Photo stamp is inclusive of temp, time, moon phase and date.
  • It has a live screen preview for easy setup.
  • It holds up to 8 GB SD card.
  • Delay settings of 10 seconds, 1 min, 30 min
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • Large backlit LED screen with instructions listed on the camera door.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera Pros & Cons

Considering the cost of the Primos Truth Cam 35 with the great features this product has I can recommend you this camera wholeheartedly, but if you are still not convinced then here is a list of pros and cons of this camera:


  • Very affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Able to capture still images and videos
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Amazing security features like molded security cable hole and password protection
  • Adjustable settings
  • Pre-configured right out of the box


  • Green and red LED near lens are used for indicating movement makes the camera unsuitable for purposes of security
  • For indoors operations this really does not match up.
  • During light transitions, the camera automatically changes settings. This results in lighter or darker pictures during this period.
  • 4 D cell batteries are required.
  • Blurry pictures in the night.


It is really very rare when I can fault such a game camera with such low price. If you are in need of a camera that can be quickly configured and also has options for customization then Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera is all that you need. In such a good price, this product has offered what other high-end models do not.

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