Moultrie Panoramic 150 Game Camera Reviews


This Game Camera offers 8.0 megapixel infrared, three motion sensors cover super-wide 150-degree detection angle; motion detects camera at night with 720p HIGH DEFINITION.

Incredibly, Moultrie Panoramic 150 Game Camera provides 3X standard coverage. It is about three motion detecting sensors addressing a complete of 122 degrees broad viewpoint. This specific camera may take around 9,000 pictures on the 6 cell battery packs. This camera is proficient at detecting creatures; it has recognized a little mouse far away from thirty feet throughout the test out due to the huge and efficient detection quantity of forty-five feet.

Due to its movable zoom lens, I had been concerned about the sound obtaining created for the camera. However, in reality, the producer offers in some way handled to develop the remedy of the issue by utilizing the particular Silent- sliding lens, that truly does not produce any kind of sound and the motion cannot be observed unless of course, anybody looks for the pivot forever.

Advantages of the consumer when making use of this perfect product:

Image quality:

When we discuss the image quality of the Panoramic 150, it really is great. Usually, it takes pictures in the ratio of 48:9 and 16:9. It offers 8 -MP sensor and several image resolution configurations to select from.

Power and Battery Options:

It may run along with 6 cell battery packs. It is also run having 12 – volt DC additional power resource. This is not built with solar energy panel or even any kind of chargeable electric battery that is a disadvantage. However, while using 6 C-Cell alkaline battery packs, it is effective at using around 9,000 pictures that are not poor. Additionally, it supports AC power setting that may resolve almost all the electrical power issues in some instances.

Easy to control:

Panoramic 150 offers LCD screen with 2 lines of 16 characters, utilizing that consumer can simply travel through the configurations. It is about having an installation band utilizing that it may very easily be attached to any tree.


Moultrie Panoramic 150 is really a top quality game camera. However, it may be worth the each and every single penny invested for this. This specific camera can never lag behind your own requirement, however; it will invariably exist as much as your expectancy.

Excellent features of Moultrie Panoramic 150

  1. Pixel: The Day-time pictures offer 8.0 MP crisp, sharp color, Panoramic 150 offers 5 distinctive functional settings: infrared triggered camera, 150° Panoramic game camera, time-lapse camera plot, plot camera through day/ motion detection camera during the night, and even 720p HIGH DEFINITION video for 24 hours. Each and every picture could be printed along with the temperatures, time, day, moon phase, and even camera IDENTIFICATION. This particular game camera additionally offers delay configurations of five sec to sixty min.
  2. Range: The Motion-detection is dealt with through the passive infrared sensors and tends to be trigged through motion and heat inside a forty-five-foot range from the camera. Exactly, what I like regarding the Panoramic 150 is the fact that it can be arranged for multi-shot setting to occupy to 3 pictures in sequence in case any kind of movement is sensed.
  3. Flash: Panoramic 150 very paces also it completes in about 1 sec to shot an image right after the particular motion sensors will be triggered. Flash on Panoramic 150 offers thirty LED lights, which could offer lighting for up to one hundred feet during the overall night.
  4. Trigger: Panoramic 150 offers the 0.9 sec trigger time, which makes it legendary and quick sufficient for capturing almost anything that may enter into the range of the particular camera. The recovery time is approximately 6 second that may appear for a lengthy time, however truly is not whenever you think about the camera is using 3 photos for each and every trigger happening.
  5. Battery performance: Battery-life of the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is very bad; my own consumed via a group of battery packs in less than three months. There are no benefits even worse could be that Moultrie Panoramic 150 Camera utilizes six massive C cell battery packs. I would a lot instead this particular camera run off AA power packs; however, I have observed some other customers who operate the camera utilizing lithium AA battery in some C – AA spacers.

Pros and Cons of Product:


  • It includes a durable plastic case having python lock suitable hasp.
  • It offers optional security code, which can be promptly enabled.
  • Its case is definitely weather resistant and even offers the camouflage clothing pattern to merge.
  • This is certainly utilized having a tripod or maybe secured to any tree.
  • It can be fairly sized.
  • It provides an extremely wide panoramic area of viewpoint. Many thanks to 3 motion sensors.
  • It comes with 8 MP camera having flexible high-quality configurations.
  • This can easily record video around 4:3 or even 16:9 ratio.
  • It offers forty-five feet range intended for the motion sensors.
  • It comes with Multi-shot setting enabled.
  • It includes decent battery-life


  • Noise produced by this particular camera spinning in panoramic setting could be hearable to the creatures.
  • Stitching upon panoramic pictures can be very apparent below specific circumstances despite the software update.
  • The Daytime video clip quality is not superb.
  • This utilizes C-cell battery pack, which is weightier and much more costly, compared to AA types.
  • It is priced greater than any other game cameras on the market.

5 Top Tips on Trail Camera Hunting

Whilst hunter involvement is shedding in almost all activity uses, deer hunting keeps growing. There are lots of factors together with a flourishing populace, antler size records dropping like rainfall, along with a barrage of recent which makes hunting simpler and much more pleasant. One of these simple resources is the trail camera. Trail cameras permit hunters to notice exactly what deer are utilizing their premises then when. Whilst trail cameras definitely assist generate a listing of the deer on the premises, inserting all of them randomly will never create the preferred outcomes.

Listed below are 5 suggestions for trail camera achievement.

1.Get Infrared

Infrared trail cameras let you get night pictures with no flash. A few deer specialists think the flash on a few cameras will certainly spook the deer. There exists a powerful claim in preference of this point and several seekers without having infrared change the flash off or even arrange a timer to refrain from nights pictures.

2. Face trail Cameras North

In case it is possible, face the trail cameras lens to the north. This can retain glare from your photos any kind of time moment of time. In case that is not likely, attempt to face the trail cameras in the ideal route to prevent glare. Like in case the majority of deer in the specific region happen in the early morning, face the trail cameras towards the west.

3. Be mindful about Feeders:

In case your exclusive intention is to stock dollars, placing your trail cameras on feeders is not an awful idea. Still in case you truly wish to about the perception of most the deer on your premises, feeders really are a bad spot for trail cameras. You will receive a large amount of photos of some other creatures and you will not obtain a correct manifestation of the dollar to do percentage on the premises.

4. Scrapes, Funnels, and then Rub Lines:

They are the greatest locations for trail cameras. Therefore, you will receive a wise decision of exactly what regions dollars are utilized so when they may be utilizing all of them. I like to turn cameras to various places each and every couple weeks in a good effort to be able to pattern the deer. You will discover which deer frequently utilize the identical paths to obtain to and through nourishing and bedding places.

5. Perform a little Landscaping:

The just point even worse compared to getting absolutely no photos on your trail camera is getting a group of images of absolutely nothing. The majority of typical reasons for this really is branching and even brushes throwing out in the blowing wind and triggering the trail cameras. Utilize and hand saw to do away with any kind of branches straight on top of the trail cameras or even better, set up the trail camera in the cleaning if at all possible.

Bottom line:

This specific Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 Game Camera includes an extended warranty for 12 months. It is certainly the top quality game camera, which is really worth purchasing due to its broad angle view and it has great detection. You will be amazed while using this unique camera. Your invested money will not go in vain. You can buy this camera and enjoy.

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