Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case Review


I can always remember growing up my father was always on me about taking care of the things that I have received over time. My compound bow was the first thing I obtained from my father that had anything to do with the outdoors. I wanted that bow to last me forever. The Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case provided the protection I need when it came time to store away my great bow. Storing my compound bow case protected it from dust and dirt. This case also provided the protection my bow needed from humidity and rust that would change the way my bow would perform. A good compound bow case is the life of your bow.

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case Features

  • One Size Fits All
  • 48” long
  • Mossy Oak Camo
  • Black Trim
  • Durable

Advantages of Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

This case has a really great color and great look that Mossy Oak is known for. This is a great bow case to use for every day protection. At the cheap price you can afford to protect any bow that you may own. It is a light weight bow case that will protect it from dust and grime when stored. I would recommend this bow for basic use of regular hunting situations. I would not recommend this bow for long distance travel.

Disadvantages of Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

The first thing that you will notice about his bow case is that it will not provide the protection that a rugged bow case will provide. This compound bow case will provide only basic protection from dust and humidity. The Mossy Oak Compound Bow case does not have any type of storage compartment on the inside. You will have to leave your accessories attached to your bow to store it away. This bow case is also too big for bows with a shorter axle to axle measurement. A good storage opportunity for longer bows. This is a soft case and does not provide the rigidity required in some conditions.

Compound Bow Case is an investment

Archery equipment is not cheap. It can turn out to be an expensive hobby. The investments we make need to be protected. Some people have a lot of money invested in their equipment. A compound bow case would be a really great choice for any bow. What would a toolset be like without a toolbox? A compound bow case can help you keep your compound bow tools and accessories in one place.

Go purchase your compound bow case today so that you can keep archery equipment protected and organized. Weather you choose a rigid or cloth bow case doesn’t matter you just need one. Go to your local bow shop and ask for the Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case. Always protect your archery and hunting equipment.

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