Everything You Need To Know About Deer Hunting


Deer hunting is a popular thing among the hunters. It lures them with the excitement attached to it. It can be a great fun if you go on the deer hunt with appropriate planning. This requires a lot of things that must be kept in mind to avoid any type of hassles. The experienced deer hunters know the in’s & out’s of hunting. It is always better, to begin with, the advice of old hunters. You can also follow the tips from the experienced hunters that are available in the hunting guides. This will help you to a greater extent.

Basics of Deer Hunting

There are a lot of things that you have to understand about deer hunting. This can be divided into two categories; the pre-preparation, and the hunting phase. It is equally important to consider these two phases. Leaving any of these may ruin your efforts.


This is the most important part of your deer hunt plan. We all know that well begun is half done. Therefore, it is necessary to plan accurately for the deer hunting expedition. You must make a list of the essentials that you will need on the day.

  • Planning for Deer Hunting: This is a critical part that may break all your plans. The best thing is to make a list of the items that are required. You may do it easily by preparing three lists. The first list must be about critical things that cannot be missed even by mistake, e.g. arrows, bullets etc. The second list contains the important things that you must carry, e.g. the rope, knife, tray and others. The third list contains the stuff that you may need but it doesn’t make a considerable difference.
  • Arranging hunting stuff: Once you have made the list, it is the time to collect those items. You must take the hunting backpack as per your choice and requirements. This is the best method to carry all the stuff easily. This helps in taking all the items without missing a single thing. Some of the hunting backpacks are coming with the frames for hauling the meat. You can find much more varieties of hunting backpacks that are made for different needs and requirements.


While moving on the deer hunt, you must keep these points in mind. It includes choosing the hunting location, deer scouting plan, and more. You cannot afford to miss anything from the below-mentioned ten factors for a successful deer hunting:

  1. Selecting the correct location: This is one of the most important factors in hunting. If you are searching for the animal where there are no chances of finding one, then all your efforts will be wasted. It is quite simple that you must hunt the deer where they live. You can choose the public land for hunting that can be easily found on the sites for public hunting. Apart you can take the land on lease for deer hunting.
  2. Possible areas for Deer hunting: You can easily find the deer in the areas like the river creeks, fields, and the travel terrains. There are maximum possibilities of finding the deer on the banks and shallow water areas. Apart you may also find them in the field areas that have enough food for deer. There are areas with hunting pressure, which can be easily located on the maps.
  3. The appropriate time for Deer hunting: After selecting the land you must decide on the correct time for hunting. Fall is considered as the best season for deer hunting. It is the time when deer are looking for food and they come out from the dense areas. The mating time in the months of September/October is also an appropriate time for deer hunting.
  4. Scouting: When you are all set out to hunt; it is the time to scout for the target. This is quite important to find the best possibilities for finding deer in the selected area. While scouting on the land you can easily find the best patches of land where you may find deer easily.
  5. Settling in your place: After you have found the place where you may get your target you have to prepare to hunt. It is the time to make arrangements that are required for hunting. It includes many things like fixing the stands or building the blinds on the ground.
  6. Fixing the stands: There are various stands that are used for hunting from a tree stand, ladder stand or the climbing stands. These help you in finding the target easily. This is quite important to understand the strength of trees. If you are able to set the stand correctly, then your chances are increased many times.
  7. Making the ground blinds: These are quite popular among the deer hunters. These must be made approx two months before the season. It helps the deer to get accustomed. The latest pop-up designs are quite popular among the hunter nowadays.
  8. Dressing for the hunt: You must dress appropriately for ruling out the weather effects. It is essential to keep you fit for hunting. In the cold season, you must have arrangements to keep your hands warm.
  9. Hunting: This is the beginning of the real adventure. You must keep all your stuff ready and board in the stand or get into the blind for hunting. Once you settle down in your zone you may easily target. The best time to start is either in the morning or from the evening.
  10. Taking perfect aim: It is quite essential to aim properly on the body part of deer for a successful huntIt is important to take aim at the proper distance. If you are taking aim on the deer that is more than 150 yards, then your chances of missing the target increase largely. It is always better to shoot within the range of 150 yards of distance.


It is very important to keep the above-mentioned points in mind for a successful deer hunt. These steps help you in preparing for proper hunting. If you are a beginner in a deer hunting these points will help you understand the essentials of deer hunting easily. Following these points will let you arrange for the useful stuff that is required for hunting.

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