11 Things About Elk Hunting Every Hunter Should Know


Elk hunting is very adventurous as well as challenging too. You may be an excellent hunter but without solid preparation chances of failure increases to a greater extent. It is not just simple like taking aim and shoot at the prey. There are various points to observe. You have to find the right place for hunting and make necessary arrangements. Usually, the hunters are spending a lot of time in preparation for the successful elk hunt. This article will describe the eleven essential points that are critical for a successful hunt and may create difficulty if avoided during the hunt.

11 Elk Hunting Techniques:

 1. Keeping fit and healthy:

If you are not in a position to chase Elk then forget about hunting. You must start workout and running at least four to six weeks before hunting. You can practice to run for three miles daily or jog for forty-five minutes daily. This will help you develop stamina that is required for chasing the beast in the ground. Elks are very quick animals and cover long distances easily, therefore you must be in form to chase them for long span of time as much as possible.

2. Continued Shooting Practice:

This is an essential requirement for any successful hunter. You must practice on a regular basis. Even the most experienced hunter that have several years of shooting practice miss the easy shots at times. You must make a schedule for regular shooting practice with the help of bull’s eye in all positions. This helps in gaining perfection on shots in any of the positions like standing, kneeling, sitting and more. You should try to practice the shots in a real like situations for gaining confidence.

3. Keep light weighted rifles:

 It is always better to keep the lightweight weapon as heavy rifles make you feel tired during hunting. The long range scope rifles are heavy and may cost you good chances. The greater range lets you miss the target that you can easily hit by getting closer. It is very useful if you can keep the rifle weight to the maximum of 09 pounds. The best practice is target as close as possible to the target.

4. Using the Scopes carefully:

It is important to keep scopes for better targeting but, when you increase the magnification you may lose the brightness, field of view and target acquisition speed. This results in incorrect targeting, therefore it is advised to use the scopes wisely with low magnifications. This helps in avoiding the silly mistakes.

5. Keep Close watch on surroundings:

Mostly the hunters miss the nearby target just because they keep on focusing at the long distances.  You must look at the nearby surrounding before you start for long distance. Sometimes the target elk may be nearer than you think. So look nearer before moving for the long distance target.

6. Don’t make noise:

It is important to understand that Elk can avoid some noises, but they get alarmed by the unusual sounds. If you are approaching slightly with no remarkable noise you may even come to a few feet close to Elk. But you have to keep quiet and make less noise as much as possible. If it is necessary to talk her whisper as if you talk loudly Elks will move away.

7. Select the Right Place:

It is inevitable to find the correct place for Elk hunting. The areas where the forests are meeting the agricultural lands and farms can be better for hunting. Especially in the late seasons when Elks are in abundance you can easily hunt them. The places described in by the hunters can be great, but it is definitely a place to locate the target in less difficult planes.

8. Deciding on the Target:

It is better to plan for the bigger targets, but you must have a realistic approach towards hunting. If you find the target that you can hit easily them you must go for it first rather than chasing the others. Sometimes the first easy target is the only successful target and no others work out. So you shall think realistically. It will help you get enough success in hunting.

9. Tracking shall be done carefully:

If you are looking for the Elk on the snow land or dry land, you must remember that Elks stop to look back frequently. Therefore, it is important to track these animals carefully. Your chances will reduce considerably if Elks notice you while looking back. While following them on the track you must be careful to get away from the trail. In case you are tracking then don’t keep on moving in the same direction. Instead keep on moving in either left or right from the trail.

10. Don’t stop, just in anticipation:

During the hunt, you can hear of the Elks at several places. There are possibilities of finding these animals, but you much not stop just in anticipation. You shall reach the target place that you have selected for hunting as this not only saves time and efforts, but also increases the chances for getting elks.

11. Don’t get confused:

Sometimes the Elks are found in the places where you cannot expect them to be. It may be the case of vocal elk that can make the alert. Apart the hunters can easily track the lonely animal. You can easily call on by bungling. These activities make the animal follow the place which can help you in better targeting.


Elk hunting is very exciting if you keep a close attention to the above eleven points. Even the expert hunters are not able to challenge that they will find the Elk easily.  Hunters can either go for these above eleven points. All these are covering all the big and small problems that any of the hunters can assume. The hunting can be carried on the private land or the publicly owned land. If you keep all the plans in control and follow the above eleven points carefully then you then you may be quite successful in Elk Hunting.

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