Keeping Your Gun Safe Out of Your Children’s Reach

It’s a simple fact: children and gins do not mix! This is why it is not only important that you keep your guns in a locked and secure safe, but that you also make sure the safe is out of the reach of children. A small child, on seeing an open gun safe, may be interested in what is inside, and the results of tiny hands getting hold of a loaded firearm are potentially disastrous.

Of course, your gun safe should never be left open – or unlocked – without your supervision, but sometimes mistakes happen. This is another reason why it is vital to find a place to put your safe where children cannot reach. If you have growing children, curiosity can be a dangerous thing where guns and safes are concerned, so let’s have a look at some ideas as to where you should best place your gun safe.

Where’s Best for a Gun Safe?

Consider this question first: what is the purpose of your gun safe? It is primarily to keep your guns secure and accessible only by you, and it will have one of a number of possible locking systems. You may have a biometric entry system, or perhaps a safe with twin locks, each of which is very secure, but as we have said earlier, mistakes can be made, and gun safes have been left open by mistake before, with potentially disastrous results.

One of the best ways of ensuring a safe is never accessible by children is to keep it in a room that is also locked. This means they will never come into contact with the safe, and may not even know it is there! If you remember to lock the room door behind you when opening your gun safe, you will never stand risk of exposing your children to the guns, so you have complete security.

Keep Kids Away from Guns

Of course, it goes without saying that children should never be allowed to play with guns, and nor should they be around when you are handling them. It matters not whether the gun is loaded or otherwise, for a small child will not understand the difference. Therefore, when you need to take your guns out of the safe, make sure the children are elsewhere in the house and under supervision, so you don’t have a chance of them accidentally coming into contact.

One way of ensuring that kids cannot find the gun safe is to hide it; you can buy safes that look like other items, or that can be hidden by a false door, and you can find those that mount on the wall, at a height out of the reach of small people. These are very secure safes, and you will find them to be an excellent way of storing your guns and ammo.

General Safety Advice

It goes without saying that guns should always be handled carefully, and this means at all times. Never leave your guns loaded when in the safe, as accidents can happen to even the most experienced of people. Furthermore, keep your ammo in a locked, separate compartment so that even if someone else does get into the safe, they cannot get to the ammunition.

For your own safety, and that of those around you, keep your guns properly maintained and cleaned, and never fire them unless you are absolutely certain they are safe for use. This may sound like obvious advice, but it remains a fact that many accidents involving firearms come about as a result of carelessness, so it is vital you are vigilant when around firearms. Never point a gun at anyone – loaded or otherwise – and never play with guns; these are serious weapons that can easily kill.

Many shooting enthusiasts live in homes where there are children and other people in the house, so it remains only to be said that, when the safe is open, make sure you are in full sight of it at all times. Leave the gun safe open only when necessary; once you have removed the items you need, lock the door straight away as a priority, and you should enjoy safe and happy gun ownership without any problems.

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