How to Be a Better Bowhunter

Bowhunting is a method of hunting that has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. However, throughout the years, technology has made Bowhunting less primitive. Both equipment and strategies have evolved. Through improved equipment and strategies, you can now get more accurate shots and techniques of Bowhunting. The following are tips that can help you to become a better bowhunter:

First do Research on the Hunting Area.

To increase your chances of filling your tags, you need to do your research on the area you will be hunting. Bowhunting for deer is not as simple as just setting up in a random location and hoping a deer to shoot the correct distance properly.

Bowhunters who are consistently successful go out and walk the area taking note of prints, trees scratches, feeding areas, and other sign of high deer activity. Once they find out where the deer are going and how they are traveling, they will set up bait piles months in advance of the hunting season to get the deer into a routine.

Practice Shooting and Guessing Yardages.

You undoubtedly hear this tip a lot I’m sure, everybody always tells you to practice shooting and sighting in your bow so that you will be shooting consistently and accurately each and every time. When a deer walks out in front of you, within seconds you have to determine roughly how far they are to properly shoot the correct distance.

This one point is often overlooked and often ends up costing bowhunters a lot of deer or whatever another animal they may be hunting for at the time. A small exercise you can do to practice yardages is to get a toss and rock it in all directions. Wherever this rock lands that will be the place you shoot from. The key to this exercise is to make you think about the yardage and then shoot to see how close or far you were.

Rangefinder for Bow hunting.

By using a rangefinder to hunt, you can know the range. This is important, especially when shooting long archery and range. The further out a shot is, the more the projectile will drop, but if you know your weapon and the distance to the target, you can effectively shoot at incredible distances. You should take the time to search out the few models that are specifically designed for bowhunting.

Ensure you use your dominant eye.

If you want to know which is your determinant eye is; you should point at something using your finger with both eyes open. After you have pointed at something, you should close your right eye and see if your finger is still aiming at the target or if your finger has slipped off of the sight.

After doing this, open your right eye and close the left eye. The eye that still shows the finger pointing at the target with the other eye closed is the dominant eye. By determining the dominant eye will allow you to have more accurate shots.

Choose the right bow.

There are various styles and designs for bows. Some Longbows are being used for a long time. Composite recurve and Recurve, unlike longbow has no compelling scope, but are considered to be more powerful and more accurate.

The newest technology in bow production takes pride as compound bows use cams and pulleys. Here, both help in increasing the applied force on the string when it is being discharged and affords an explosion of rigidity when the bow is fully pulled.  This guides the tracker when pointing since it is already possible for him to handle the bow in the appropriate and longer shooting position as needed.

Choose the right arrows.

Various bows have various draw lengths. It is essential to select arrows that are of a length that is similar to the pull length of the bow. If the bow is too long, the arrows will tend to drop after being fired. If the bow is too short, the arrows lose some of the force of the bow by not having the capacity to pull it to its maximum length.

Practice with your bow and arrows frequently.

Practicing during the offseason ensures that if you are presented with any chance, you will be capable of a clean shot. You should some scent neutralizers for your body and clothing. The smell possessed by animals hunted with arrow and bows is much better than that of a human.

The animals have a sharper sight and have better hearing. This makes it tough to stalk a deer without it knowing that you are around. Most animals are susceptible to a scent of people. This is the reason they grunt when the aroma you and they start sneezing.

Hunt in and After Storms.

If you are stalking bedding areas, consider hunting during winter storms. When the snow is coming down, and the wind is blowing, it is hard for deer to keep track of all that is around them. It’s easy to catch a whitetail off guard when the weather is making things more confusing. After storms, deer will tend to seek out food. Keep an eye on your food plots after a storm, and you may find the monsters coming straight to you?

You are about to start the most exciting sports ever known to man. Bow hunting has been in existence for centuries, and you are about to enter one of the most popular sports in existence. Hopefully, these bow hunting tips and suggestions will help to become successful bow hunter as quickly as possible.

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