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Why must we wax our Compound Bow String

This question about wax our compound bow string is kind of a rhetorical question. It is similar to you asking about shoes. Why should we maintain, clean, polish and wax them? It is obvious that shoes need to be taken care of if you want it to last for a long time. The same goes for […]

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Advantages of Using 3D Archery Targets for Practice

Best ways to sharpen your skills as an archer or hunter is practice. The more you shoot the more familiar you become with your equipment. 3D archery targets are exceptional targets to use to help you practice. Regardless of the type of shooting you do these targets really help you to sharpen your skills and […]

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Bow Maintenance Tips for Your Compound Bow

No matter if you shoot your bow for target competition or if you are on the trail of that special trophy buck it is very important to practice compound bow maintenance. This is a must in order to keep your equipment in peak performance. Also, bow equipment is expensive and you want it to last […]

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Best place to go whitetail deer hunting

An avid hunter knows that hunting is fascinating.  So, during the approach of every fall season, deer hunters know that this is the best time to hunt whitetail deer. There are hundreds of places that one you can go for whitetail deer hunting. There are also thousands of deer hunters who are yearning for a […]

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Where to shoot a deer

Deer hunting is as much about the best shot placement as it is about locating and stalking the deer. Big game hunters agree that careful selection of shots is quite important to the success of the hunt. It’s pointless to stalk the game only to see it run off unharmed because of a mistimed or […]

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How to Prepare for Hunting Season

For people whose favorite bobby is hunting, their lives are all covered by adventures, challenges and discovering desires. They are fond of hunting like their important lovers and desire to win any hunting experience they have passed. In order to gain hunting achievements, it is indispensable for hunters to support themselves necessary things such as […]

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