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 5 Tips on How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack

Introduction Sometimes you would be outdoors enjoying nature in a park while on vacation, and then out of nowhere, you have an encounter with a wild animal. Right there at that moment, it is crucial that you act quickly to avoid being killed by the animal. The wild animals are often unpredictable. At one time, […]

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Introducing Kids To Firearms

Eager parents can ruin a kid’s chances for falling in love with firearms and deer hunting. Mom, Dad: your job is introduce, guide and act as an inspirational role model – but don’t force it. Everyone has seen the family in which some shoot and hunt and others couldn’t care less. Much of this is inherent […]

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8 Tips for Shooting Arrows in the Wind

Target shooting can be a great way to focus on your marksmanship but you will not always have the benefit of an indoor range to pursue this activity. Shooting outside is just as valid a pursuit as doing so indoors, especially if you’re a keen hunter. When you do so there are a handful of […]

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Keeping Your Gun Safe Out of Your Children’s Reach

It’s a simple fact: children and gins do not mix! This is why it is not only important that you keep your guns in a locked and secure safe, but that you also make sure the safe is out of the reach of children. A small child, on seeing an open gun safe, may be […]

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How to Be a Better Bowhunter

Bowhunting is a method of hunting that has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. However, throughout the years, technology has made Bowhunting less primitive. Both equipment and strategies have evolved. Through improved equipment and strategies, you can now get more accurate shots and techniques of Bowhunting. The following are […]

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