Best Game Camera Reviews 2016 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Among all outdoor activities nowadays, I noticed that hunting seems to be popular with a great number of people due to its challenging missions and excitement it provokes. People opt for this type of sport not only to release the stress but to socialize as well. If you have not known about game cameras (also called trail cameras), they are devices which help individuals observe the game while they have to focus on other tasks. With this device, hunters can take photos or record videos and transfer them to the SD card on their laptop memory quickly.

Advantages of Best Game Camera for hunting

Similar to other outdoor activities, hunting becomes more efficient and fun when you are equipped with enough high-quality gear for the process. However, most people often fail in getting any animals due to lack of experience, skill, or inadequate equipment. This is why we need to prepare all those things.

The next section will help you understand more about the advantages of trail cameras.

  • This device is convenient and handy to bring around during the hunting. Images of the game have become very popular with people who have attended. The first advantage that you can get is the detailed pictures of your prey.
  • Beginners use this for observing the animal, but professional hunters often utilize this type of devices for understanding more about the activities, as well as the living habitat of those creatures. As a result, trail cameras are useful items for both the newcomers as well as professional hunters.
  • With the modern technology nowadays, game cameras are available with various designs and styles for you to pick up. They also contain flash for long distance shooting. In addition, these devices offer clear pictures during the daytime and night as well.
  • When purchasing a game camera, you can choose from a wide range of different quality.

Top Trail & Game Camera Brands

1. Bushnell

Developed by an American company, this brand is well-known by a significant number of people in the hunting aspect. Besides producing gear related to hunting, there are other items such as optics, night vision equipment, and imaging. When talking about the best game camera, they offer various designs along with affordable prices. It does not matter which type of trail camera you intend to buy; Bushnell offers all of them.

2. Moultrie

This brand provides the equipment for both the home surveillance and natural activities. In term of capacity, users will receive the pictures with high resolution and accurate colors.

3. Primos

Among those game cameras in the market, Primos offers various types of products that you can utilize for outdoor sports, especially hunting. Besides trail cameras, there are also optics and firearms available. This brand is preferred because of the quality and design of their products. When researching about Primos, you have a chance to buy one high-quality model with an affordable price.

4. Browning

Similar to those brands above, Browning is also considered as one of the best producers of game cameras. This brand’s models offer great features including fast trigger speed, high-quality image and night vision infrared illumination.

Top 5 Best Game Camera Reviews

When attending outdoor activities, including hunting, I highly recommend that you and your partners prepare high-quality and useful gear for support. For example, proper clothes, weapons, and game cameras as well.

For those who are still confused when picking a camera, here are some game camera reviews 2016 for you to consider. They are all from great quality brands with useful features which will help your hunt.

1. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

Stealth Cam G42 Trail Camera Reviews

Coming with 10.0 Megapixel lens and four different resolutions, this game camera allows you to record your video for5 seconds. Even better, you can reach up to 180 sec when creating audio during the hunting process. When using this type of device, most people often worry about the natural lights which can result in low-quality images. However, the Retina low light sensitivity is designed with modern technology.

As a result, it can catch the clear light even in details and in small corners. Opposite to the daytime, nights are periods that you often find it hard to record a video. To help solve this problem, the Matrix Advanced helps reduce the effect of the wind to offer you some clearer shots.

In term of design, this game camera is compact and equipped with many features. It has the backlit menu for programming the process. Besides the great design, it provides information such as moon phase, temperature, and date. In addition, there is a tag for you to put your name. For better security, it allows you to save your password as well.

2. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera Reviews

According to some game camera reviews, this model is said to offer cool features at such an affordable price. When using, it releases the lightning with triggers in 0.67 seconds after you press the button. Similar to the model before, I have researched that this one allows you to record your videos for2 minutes and audio with sounds up to 5 seconds in length.

If you opt for this particular game camera, you will be amazed by its functions and performances. Due to better flash, you are more likely to receive more detailed and clearer shots. To illustrate, it can quickly shoot an image of animals more than 50 feet away.

With Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera, batteries seem to last longer compared to other models. In term of exterior design, the catchy and impressive outlook is suitable for those who love the elegant appearance. On the outside of the camera, there is a frame for protecting all the buttons and programs.

3. Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera

This best trail camera comes with stunning appearance and catchy design. Developed with modern technology, it has 6 MP high-quality color resolution which goes along with the sensor that you can utilize from day until night. In addition, the PIR sensor functions for roughly 45 minutes.

Regarding capacity, this device utilizes one set of batteries for up to one year. Most individuals often worry about using these devices during the rainy season. However, this model is designed with waterproof materials. Therefore, your card slot will be protected effectively.

In the market, this Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera is designed to fulfill the needs of outdoor activity enthusiasts and provides excellent performance. It has the Field Scan 2x time-lapse technology so that it can shot two separate pictures at once.

The Bushnell trail camera can be plugged into a computer’s USB port. However, there was no USB connector included in the product items according to some trail camera reviews.

4. Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera

Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G

Covert Scouting Camera Special Ops Code Black is a camera which is designed to make your outdoor games better. With a wireless MMS camera, I’m sure you will love this model from a first glance.You can also send text messages, send a photo to your mobile or even send emails.

With this type of technology, you can feel free to observe the terrain without having to look at the camera or do anything with the SD card. Speaking about the capacity of Flash LED, this one has a flash which ranges more than 60 feet. On the other hand, the CODE BLACK not only creates the chance for you to shoot animals around the wildlife but can serve some home protecting purposes well.

However, when using this game camera, you must prepare a decent phone. Moreover, you will need a separate phone for installing the camera’s SIM whenever you want to receive a new message. For beginners who have just started using this device, it is very easy to set up.

5. Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 10.0 MP Camera Reviews

Moultrie M-990i No Glow Game Camera

Designed with the basic, white color, this camera brings an exclusive and straightforward outlook. Although offering the capacity of 10.0 megapixels, the speed of the camera trigger is less than 1 second.

When taking pictures during the day, it brings lots of benefits to the table, and you can create clear and detailed images. However, the pictures at night are in black and white color. Although they are less clear; it is still easy to see the surrounding things.

On the other hand, there is an aiming mode so that you can see when your game camera is being triggered (a red light glows). And don’t forget to utilize this mode when you first setup the Moultrie to check your range.

What to Look for When Finding the Best Game Camera?

Purchasing the best game camera is not always easy. You have to pay attention to various features – for example, the outlook, capacity or even the lifespan of the battery. Since there are various models in the market today, it is likely that individuals will be overwhelmed by all the possible choices. Here are a few steps to follow which will help you in picking an ideal one for yourself.

1. Image Quality

People often choose a camera with a lot of megapixels in the lens. Do not to be fooled by this criteria. Most manufacturers often trick their customers with the high number of megapixels to encourage them to buy. However, they offer an average lens, and they even reduce the quality of the images.

To solve this problem, you can evaluate the quality of the image by looking at it during daytime and night. There are some models which can easily shoot detailed images; however, most cannot.

2. Battery and Power lifespan

Apparently, the best game camera with long-lasting battery not only helps to save your budget but also improves the capacity of your camera as well. When you place your device where lots of activities happen, then it won’t take too long to prepare for the hunt, which saves much time and power.

And when purchasing a camera, you should know that a 4D battery is more likely to cost more money compared to the 4 AA one that offers 20.000 images during the hunt.

3. Trigger time

Most people, maybe including you, will not pay much attention to the speed of a camera. As a result, they often feel frustrated about this feature after taking them home and seeing their first photo. Take a closer look; the trigger time is known as the period when the animal walks into frame, you react and press the button, and your camera takes the pictures.

If you intend to place the camera on a food plot or some pack backs, then the speed of the trigger is not a significant problem. However, during the hunt, individuals will receive more pictures of deer butts rather than their heads,and this might be discouraging.

4. Different types of Game Camera


  • Cellular Camera:

This type of camera can shoot images and transfer them to your phone through the internet. Similar to your mobile phone, you have to prepare one simple SIM card and place it into the camera. For some models, individuals may have to set up the GSM networks and purchase a pack of data when they want to use it.

Designed with the sensor that can detect motion, it will liberate you from having to watch out for movement all the time. In addition, this camera is very easy to install and use even for beginners.

  • Wi-Fi Camera:

As the name implies, this camera allows you to transfer your video and image through a wireless network.

This one not only offers innovative functions but is very user-friendly as well. Since they are designed with a wireless feature, this is one of the most convenient devices which often catches the attention of users.

  •  Security Camera:

People tend to install cameras in their house nowadays to monitor what is happening. This can also be applied to business places, for ensuring the safety of individuals. Similar to those purposes, this model is designed for people who have to stay in the hunting area temporarily.

To fulfill the needs at the moment, this is an ideal device for them to choose. For observing the surrounding things, the security cameras are more likely to offer you footage as evidence for everything.

  • Infrared Camera:

To solve the problem, Infrared Cameras follow animals and take video when it is necessary. These models are perfect for utilizing during the nights.In addition, these devices can automatically switch the infrared function on and off.

Besides hunters, some scientists have also used these cameras for getting high-detailed resolution photos when doing research.

  • Flash Camera:

Flash Cameras are ideal for taking pictures during the nights. When it starts getting darker outside, they will use flash for clear pictures. You can also utilize these devices during the daytime.

5. Memory of Game Camera

Speaking about the memory, there are two types including the SD card and internal memory. Obviously, utilizing the internal memory means that you don’t have to invest your money in an SD card. However, SD card offers you more space and storage for videos and images.

When using an internal memory, you can transfer the picture to your laptop using a cable. But, when it comes to an SD card, individuals can purchase the one with suitable storage for their needs. According to some game camera reviews, SD card allows users to take it out of the plot and pop into the laptop space.

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How To Setup a Trail Camera For Hunting

Tips for using the Best Game Camera

 Besides the different features and models, you have to pay attention to the method of using your game camera. The proper method not only produces the detailed and precise images; it will benefit your hunting skills as well.

  • Don’t turn the camera towards the sun. – When doing this, the temperature is more likely to increase which might affect the quality of the shots. In fact, trail cameras are very sensitive to the heat.
  • Leave it alone – most people have the habit of checking up on the camera now and then. This is not encouraged since you may scare away the animals.
  • Use high-quality batteries – You may think that the battery is not a big deal if you plan to use the camera during the day. However, bad quality batteries are more likely to lower the lifespan of your camera as well.


All of the above is information that individuals can consider when choosing the best game camera. For those who are still confused among various models, take a glance at some of the game camera reviews I have mentioned above. They all from good brands which offer quality.

Don’t forget to use your trail camera with the proper methods. As a result, this will not only produce the high-quality image during the hunt but preserve your device for a long time.

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