Best Hunting Camo Review: Top Rated for The Money 2018

If you’re out hunting without camouflage, then there’s a good chance the deer or other animals you’re hunting are going to see you. The best hunting camo review will take a look at how invisible your gear can make you, what additional features the camo may have, and if you’ll be able to stay relatively comfortable while outdoors. Camo improvements can reduce your visibility by up to 45% at 300 meters, so it’s worth taking a look at this guide today.

Do you already know what pattern you prefer? Are you just looking to upgrade your current camouflage? Then the chart below has the best hunting camo options available to you right now. Just choose the one that meets your needs and you’re ready to go.

What Is the Best Hunting Camo Out There?

Hunting big game requires you to blend in effectively. For many hunters, this means using the old-fashioned woodland camo that is virtually everywhere today. Yet changes in camo technology have led to products that can even further decrease your visibility at closer distances. You’ll find that there are three primary camo patterns used and each has certain advantages that should be considered.

  • A-TACS. What makes this camo pattern unique is that it takes a blurred, but still natural approach. Because there are fewer hard lines to distinguish in the pattern, your gear blends naturally into the colors of the environment. There is no vertical or horizontal orientation, which breaks your outline.
  • Kryptek. Although it looks like it might belong on a snake better than it belongs on you, the natural shapes and pigmentation of this camo make for intelligent invisibility. It might not be suitable for all hunting environments, but considering how difficult it is to see snakes even when they’re close to you, it’s worth giving this camouflage style a look.
  • Multicam. This would be the “standard” camo pattern you’ll find on most apparel and some hunting gear, like ground blinds. It is available in a number of different colors, including snow camo, which allows you to choose the right option for your hunting needs. 

It is important to remember that if you’re looking for the best hunting camo, your hunting tactics must also be considered before finalizing a decision. Each pattern has certain qualities that could make it great. If you’re a stationary hunter, then A-TACS might be a better option. If you’re an active hunter, them Kryptek could provide you with more invisibility. If you’re not sure, then Multicam might be the way to go. 

Should I Even Wear Camo If I’m Wearing Bright Orange?

Some jurisdictions require you to hunt wearing a blaze orange vest. An orange hat may also be required. Should you even care about wearing camo if you’re wearing a color so bright. Deer are able to see different colors than people do, so the orange vest looks like a bright gray patch of habitat to them. If you’re not wearing camouflage with that vest, then you can potentially stand out and fire up the paranoia of that animal.

If your jurisdiction allows it, you may wish to consider an orange vest with some limited camouflage on it to help further break up the visual “gray spot” your vest creates. If that is not allowed, then a camo shirt underneath the vest and camo pants can at least reduce the outline of your body to increase your chances of a successful hunt.

The fact is wearing an orange vest and/or an orange hat is a safety factor while hunting. You never know what kind of itchy trigger finger a fellow hunter might have. You might be being sighted down and not even know it, but the orange will tell your fellow hunter that you are, in fact, human and not a white-tailed deer.

The Best Turkey Hunting Camo Or Duck Hunting Or Other Fowl

Hunting a big buck is a little different than hunting turkeys or hunting ducks. You have different environments, different blind requirements, and that means you need different camo. Your woodland camo will stand out like a sore thumb if you’re crouched down in a wetlands blind. If you thought deer were paranoid, just try getting a paranoid duck to come your way.

The best camo pattern for hunting waterfowl or turkeys depends more on the season, your personal preferences, and quite frankly how much you want to show off to other hunters. Natural camo will work the best when hunting for fowl, but in reality, as long as you are relatively concealed and using appropriate decoys or calls, all you may need is an effective blind to get the job done.

With that being said, modern camo has a lot of advantages for hunters that go beyond how you look. Most camo apparel has stronger pockets, better water resistance, and more insulation so you can stay warm on a chilly morning. Conceal your hands with the best hunting gloves, cover your face, and mask your scent and you’ll have better results no matter what your personal fowl camouflage preferences happen to be.

Prices Range of Hunting Camo?

The price of your hunting camo today depends on what name brand you prefer. If you’re purchasing a brand with global name saturation, such as Under Armour, then you’re going to pay 15-30% more for the gear that you want. It is also more expensive to purchase camo apparel with upgraded water resistance or other specific features than basic apparel. For this reason, you could pick up something for just $15 today or you could spend about $100. Every option has certain strengths, which is why the best hunting camo review on each preferred product is so important.

5 Best Hunting Camo Review:

1. Legendary Whitetails Review:

This is the camo workwear jacket that you can take almost anywhere when the weather turns cold and you’ll be comfortable. It works for hunting just as well as it works to wear it to the office on a breezy winter day. We love the fact that it has a water resistant polyester shell, while the 100% cotton lining works to keep you nice and warm. Wash it in cold water and tumble dry low for easy care. Big and tall sizes are available.

2. Under Armour Review:

This is the hoodie for hunting that you’re going to love. Even with the Under Armour logo emblazoned on the front of the apparel, the wooded camo looks natural and will keep you invisible if the need arises. You can also easily wear this affordable hoodie to the gym or out during your errands if you wish. The moisture transport system will keep sweat away and the construction of the apparel gives you a superior overall fit. It looks great, fits comfortably, and isn’t overly bulky, but if you like an oversized hoodie, you’ll want to order a size up from what you normally wear.

3. Camo Advantage Review:

All of the best camo apparel in the world won’t stop you from being detected if your face shines brightly in the morning sun to all of your potential targets. Painting up your face is an easy way to make sure you’re not standing out unintentionally when out hunting. You’ll receive 3 face paint sticks with 6 total color options, mostly green, brown, or black, so you can customize your look a little bit. The paint goes on smoothly and stays on all day. Just wash it off when you get home and you’re good to go.

4. Trail Crest Review:

Don’t be that person out there who wears blue jeans when they go hunting. Wear these highly affordable camo 6 pocket trousers instead. These are a full cut set of trousers with a woodland 3D camo print which is very effective in a number of hunting environments. The cotton twill construction is very comfortable and the belt loops on the reinforced waistband will allow you to carry many of the accessories you’ll want to take for the day. The pants do run a bit large, but we just call that an incentive to get a large gobbler for Thanksgiving this year.

5. Outerdo Review:

If standard camo apparel isn’t working well for you, then consider this ghillie suit for your hunting needs. The leaves on this suit don’t catch easily on the ground debris in your environment, which means you have more overall comfort when outside. The waist is equipped with an elastic band so one size will fit many. This set includes the trousers and the jacket, so you can blend in immediately. It isn’t going to fit those who are big and tall, however, so keep that in mind. It’s also left-handed, which is a little unusual.

Final Verdict: 

The best hunting camo review will help you locate the apparel or tools you need for a successful hunting experience. Find your preferred products today so that tomorrow you can fill your tags.

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