Best Gifts for Hunters – Awesome Gift List for Hunters 2018

Hunters are a unique breed of human. They love slogging through wind, rain, snow, and other miserable conditions. They’ll sit outside for hours, sometimes even without a beer in hand, just to experience the joy of waiting for a target to come within their field of vision. These special people require special gifts to show they are appreciated for what they do. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to find the best gifts for hunters today.

Some gifts are humorous. Some gifts are practical. Some gifts will make your favorite hunter wonder if you’ve lost your mind. The chart below is a group of highly rated items that your beloved hunter is going to enjoy as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or when you just want to get them something because you can.

What Is the Best Gift For a Hunter?

Are you looking for the best gifts for deer hunters? Perhaps the best gifts for duck hunters? Both will appreciate something like a soda can holster belt so they can take their favorite beverages up into a tree stand or enjoy them while in a duck blind awaiting something they can aim at through their scope. It’s funny, yet still practical in a certain way.

Even though t-shirts which tell vegetarians that a hunter’s food poops on their food are funny, practical gifts that make hunting faster, easier, or more reliable tend to be what are appreciated the most. These gifts tend to break down into three generic categories.

  • Digital Gifts. These are the items that help hunters be able to see further down the trail or be alerted when a target might be headed their way. From trail cameras to filters that help track a blood trail after a target has been hit, these make hunting easier in all environmental conditions.
  • Practical Gifts. These are the items that help hunters be more comfortable while outside or handle an emergency situation. Hand warmers, knives, scopes, or multi-purpose tools all fit into this category.
  • Everyday Gifts. These are the items a hunter could use in season, but could still take to work. Hunting backpacks, coffee mugs, and similar items will bring a smile to any hunter’s face. 

These gifts can be generic in nature or can be specific to the type of hunting that your favorite hunter prefers. Think about what your hunter complains about when they come home from an unsuccessful trip and you’ll know what to get them so they can press through to the next day.

What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Hunters?

Christmas is the best time of year to splurge on your favorite hunter. You can purchase just about anything for them and it will be something they find to be useful. We highly recommend looking at hunting clothing options for hunters during the holiday season because you can get some great deals thanks to many hunting seasons coming to a close by December.

In particular, we really recommend looking at the wide range of hoodies, pants, and other everyday wear items that could also be used in a tree stand should the need arise. You also can’t go wrong with an ugly holiday hunting sweater for those parties you attend every year.

If you’re still running short on Christmas gift ideas for your favorite hunter, then Outdoor Life has put together a great list of 30 different gift ideas for hunters, including highly affordable stocking stuffers and big-ticket items, so that you can find the perfect gift at the perfect price.

How to Make Sure You Get the Perfect Gift

Shopping for gifts online has become something that virtually anyone with an internet connection does on a regular basis these days. We’re used to the buying and selling process. Yet sometimes you might find yourself surprised by the lack of quality a product has or discover that the description of a product did not fit what you actually purchased. How can you make sure you get the perfect gift for your hunter?

Take a few extra moments to read the reviews on your preferred product. There are public reviews and sites like this one which, when combined, can give you an authentic look at what the real value proposition of every product happens to be. Instead of being caught off-guard and forced into a return and an IOU gift situation, you can make sure the right product gets shipped safely to your door so your hunter can be happy.

Don’t rely on just a couple of reviews. Read the good reviews to see if they are fake. Read the poor reviews to see if the problem was product related or the person is frustrated by something in the buying or selling process. In doing so, you’ll get a better overall picture of what to expect from the gift you’d like to give.

Prices of  The Hunter Gifts

We’re talking about gifts for hunters here, so the price to expect will be based on the type of gift that you’re giving. For example: if you’re looking at Christmas gifts for hunters and want something for their stocking, then many options are available in the $10-$50 price range. If you’re looking for a new rifle for your favorite hunter, then you might spend upwards of $1,000. Trail equipment, like a tree stand, might cost $300-$500 for a high-quality item.

And if all of that seems too expensive, you can always get your favorite hunter a $9.99 t-shirt that fits in with their personality. In this category, you really have a lot of choices, so that means there should be something that is affordable in every budget.

Top 5 Best Hunter Gifts Review:

1. Zippo Hand Warmer 2012

It can get cold outside when you’re waiting for a buck to show up for hours on end. If you’re duck hunting, then you have to stay as still as possible and that can cause your hands to freeze up rather quickly on a cool day. The Zippo hand warmer is the perfect solution to cold hands that develop on the trail. Hunters can slip these into a convenient pocket and in just a couple minutes feeling will begin to return to their fingers. Unlike other hand warmers, you can keep using this one and that’s an added bonus.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

This hunting backpack looks just as good during a hunting trip as it does getting onto a school bus. We love the fact that the padded waist belt offers two pockets for some extra storage. The large main pocket has enough room to carry your school supplies, work needs, or your hunting gear. There’s also a hydration pocket and port so you don’t have to carry a water bottle along with you. The universal design is even equipped to work with a wide variety of bows and webbing loops are available for lashing. You really can’t go wrong with this great gift.

3. American Expedition Wildlife 16-Ounce Ceramic Mug

When you’ve finished filling your tags, nothing warms you back up on a cold day like a hot cup of coffee or your favorite beverage. This wild turkey mug is a great way to honor what your hunter likes while giving them enough to drink to satisfy any craving. There are a large number of different animals available in this mug series, so if you’re looking for the best gift for duck hunters or other options, you’ll be able to find something perfect. These are durable mugs, stand up well to the washing process, and even look great at a desk when your hunter has a case of the Mondays.

4. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

This might be one of the most practical gifts for a hunter that is on the market today. It’s tested for tough conditions and can help a hunter track a hit even when the sun has gone down for the day. State of the art blood tracking technologies in this light allows hunters to be able to see visible blood in many different types of terrain and an HD tracking setting can illuminate virtually anything that is in their immediate vicinity. It even comes with a holster and belt straps. Take note: it requires 4 CR123 batteries.

5. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

You never know what might happen out on the trail. For that matter, you never know what might break in your home. With the right tool in hand, your hunter can get their to-do list done around the house and get their hunting chores done quickly and effectively. No tool is more versatile than this multiplier, thanks to its open-frame stainless steel handle and 12 integrated components. Scissors, saws, and a variety of knives fit security into the handle and lock into place, but it’s still pinched free so cold hands can use it pretty well.

Final Verdict:

The best gifts for hunters can take on many different shapes, forms, and costs. Find your perfect gift today and you are guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite hunter’s face.


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