16 Hunting Safety Tips That You Must Know

Hunting has been one of the oldest activities that we as Humans have been actively involved for generations. However, with the advent of the new found passion for Hunting, there are too many frontiers that have open up in the field of Hunting. Most of the hunting and gaming has been also under the brief supervision of the governmental bodies and authorities, who ensure that every facet of the activity is in the safer limits.

However, despite all the precautionary measures and reinforcements, there are risks that lurk beyond what you might think is safe and sound. But, there are few of the things that you would not be told by the guides and supervisors as when to get outdoors for hunting. Many of these are simple and easy things that you would have known already but failed to get the right priority on the features. Let us have a brief on some of the tips that you might find helpful.

Let us have a brief on some of the tips that you might find helpful.

1. Check your hunting equipment

It is estimated that around 30% of the mishaps while hunting comes from the firearms. And as the matter of fact, these are careless mistakes that are more commonly seen as you go hunting. Taking a primary check while climbing a tree, or loading firearms could keep you at safer limits.

Also avoid firing at sounds, movements or colors as you might get someone else with your gun. Just as you might one day be a talk of wisdom, so are the others who have already been with the experiences that you are bound to be undertaking.

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So, getting those special inputs from these incredible experts are one of the finer choices you might have in keeping your equipment tidy and safe.

2. Only use guns that are properly maintained, registered, and carry your gun permit/license at all times.

Being in the jungle does not keep you off from the radars of the authorities who deal with the issues of Firearms and other cases of possessing these kinds of guns. Hence, if you are using a gun in the forests, the rules are as applicable as anywhere else. So, you just need to keep all the things safe and sound with registration and maintenance of your firearms.

However, being in the forest is a completely new world that is unpredictable. More importantly, there are more risks and dangers that exist all across the green patches, some of which might not even get noticed. So, it pays to have reserves and rightfully having a plan B gets you an affirmation on safety and reliable resource as you get on to the forest for hunting.

3. Handle every gun as if it was loaded.

Normally an ideal hunting gun has a range of 40 meters. So, if you are looking out for a successful Hunting plan, ensure that you have all the very best of the knowledge of your gun. But it is always better to handle your gun as if it was loaded. Even a small mistake could yield to more difficulties later.

Keep a choice of spare gun for your firearms in case you get your gun damaged. Because being in forest demands the need of guns. Also, if you can, just ensure you have a note on the details of the tools and firearms you possess.

4. Be sober when handling firearms

As with your firearms, get those special tools with you. For instance, the utility knives, ropes and few of such simple tools could get you through some of the difficult times, even when your firearms are out of your reach. As with the choices, there are many available in different shapes and sizes.

You just have to get the right one. It really is better to have minimal of the tools, but only those that really matters. Given the conditions that change abruptly in forests, advice is really important. As with the estimate, almost 60% of the accidents and unforeseen events happens due to lack of safety measures that is an escalating concern for the regulatory authorities who deals with these kinds of issues.

5. Do not bring small children when you go hunting

It is never a good idea to bring kids along when you get outdoors for hunting, not only do you pose problems to the safety of the kids with the predators, there is lot health hazard being in the jungle with insects and other problem, you just can’t keep off. Moreover, try getting close to civil areas if you do have to keep your kids with you in some of the unavoidable situations.

Though there are fewer cases of mishaps relating to children in hunting premises, the chances are not avoidable either. Just because most of those who get on with Hunting do tend to keep off children given the conditions that exist in the forests and the nature of the risks involved.

6. Go hunting with a partner

It is always advisable to get along with a partner for your hunting and expedition. Being alone does make you more vulnerable to risks involved in hunting on the common grounds. For instance, if you counter a health problem while you are just about to aim and hunt, you always need someone to take on your stride.

Just as you might one day be a talk of wisdom, so are the others who have already been with the experiences that you are bound to be undertaking. So you just can’t be alone while you take the most common of the risks in the forests.

7. Hunters should wear orange when hunting

If you are hunting or just hiking along, always ensure that you have an orange or gray shade on your clothes and other accessories. You should wear at least one of your utilities with orange color viewable from all directions such as a hat, vest or backpack.

In fact, wearing orange makes more visible to the human eye and almost invisible to predators and larger animals. If you do not have these colors, just ensure you have a shady and dull colors on your clothes and accessories. With dull and stringent colors, you can easily blend into the vegetation without giving out much visibility.

8. Do not use alcohol or drugs while handling a firearm.

Alcohol and drugs are completely kept off from the forest in most of the countries as an enacted law enforced with effective efforts. And so, using drugs and alcohol while using firearms does not only put yourself at risk, but you are also violating the laws if you were in the better parts of the world while you are hunting.

Though alcohol and drugs have been seen to be a part of the culture in Hunting in some parts of the world, these are sure to be avoided to lessen your risks while you hunt.

9. Always keep your muzzle pointed in a Safe Direction



Guns have an element of distrust as ever. Because there are cases of accidents that has happened time and again with Hunters being careless while using firearms. So it is always advised by the experts to keep off the muzzle from risky directions and always direct the muzzle upwards if possible. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time could mean disaster, especially if the guns were made available and the reserves are not as good for Hunting.

10. Keep the safety on when not aiming to shoot

Safety while using firearms is one of the most common guidelines you get as you buy or use any kind of guns. So getting the reserves with proper safety measures while not aiming is one of the prime areas that needs to be taken care of. Most of the time, with the guns in our hands, we tend to be little careless with the trigger and the gun.

11. Make sure of your target when shooting

As we hunt, there are more behavioral facts that come to us, but we fail to notice. For instance, if you had been waiting for long, and you suddenly spot a target, most of the hunters tend to pull the trigger straight away. But this could be the outcome of what experts call reflex.

As with the case, most of the time, the hunter fails to hit the target and there is always a risk of mistaking the object in sight. So confirming that the target is in the approachable distance is one of the primary assets in Hunting.

12. Keep Your Finger OFF the Trigger

As with our instincts and those who have had time spent with the guns, most of the hunters tend to keep one of their fingers on the trigger time and again. In most cases, when they are not even in the stance for aiming at the target. So, just having patience and checking the time and again to keep off your fingers from the trigger is a safer option while you are out hunting.

Just rely on some natural objects that could get you a cover from the direct view of the animal. You can utilize shade of a large tree, a fence or a rock, to guide you to the correct spot but make sure that you don’t end spotted. What happens to these shades that you get, is that you are well covered for the hunt than otherwise if you had to deal with an open approach and then for loading your gun or reach for the trigger.

13. Never do any climbing with a loaded gun

Hunting is dynamic, and you might have to scale rocks and climb trees to get the exact spot for aim. But, climbing and twisting your body with a loaded gun always calls for trouble. So keeping your guns unloaded unless you are ready to aim is a safer option to keep those bullets from running out accidently.

As with the need, it is always handy to have those areas around you as you never know when you might be in need of these spots. So try keeping your guns unloaded before you get on with a hilly task like climbing or even when you are running for that matter.

14. Make sure the animal is completely dead before bringing it up.

Most of us out of excitement runs out to the hunt as soon as we realize that the target has been hit. But did you know that an animal is usually wounded for a brief time before ending up dead? So, you need to confirm if the bait is dead before you call for the day. Even a Deer packs so much of strength that could even break your bones. So you just need to be careful before you approach the wounded animal.

As you might think, hunting through without risks is practically impossible, even if so, you need to put the tenfold of the efforts that you would have to, otherwise. So getting a nice easy and relaxed approach to getting on with the sources. This is one of the most important things that you need to take care if you plan to be outdoors for hunting during the day hours.

15. Use waterproof hunting boots when hunting.

Most of us would get on with those hunting boots and sneakers that might look like they are made for the forest. But in reality, most of the forest does have clean patches that help you walk effortlessly. So, all you need is to get those hard sole waterproof shoes to get through the forests.

The easy and comfortable weight in these hard sole shoes as compared to those specialist ones also helps you conserve energy in the forest. As with the records, relying on lighter options of accessories has always been preferred as compared to those heavy conventional kinds that you normally find in the stores.

16. Wear a safety harness when use a tree stand

You have all those funky new gadgets that help you maneuver through the forest. But, in reality, these special resources are not practical as far as hunting aspects are considered. Just get those that really works and most of these are minimal tools that you can get with ease.

For instance, a multi-tool with simple options as a Knife or an Axe tool is just the kind you might need in the forest for hunting. But more importantly, getting a safety harness while using a tree stand is as important as any other factor while you hunt. For instance, there is a risk of being spotted and attacked by animals, so getting a harness secures your base while hunting.

17. Keep weapons stored in a secure place away from children and others

Weapons have always attracted the imagination of Kids of all ages. Thanks to the action and war movies being put forward to the kids for the better part of our recent history. Hence, it is most likely that the kids and others who are inexperienced get around with the weapons at least out of curiosity. So ensuring that you have kept the weapons far from the reach of the kids and other curious minds are one of the primary things you need to confirm.

18. Make sure the gun is unloaded before attempting to clean it.

Being out in the forest hunting is an outdoor passion of the elite and rightfully, you need to be slow and focused to get the odds right while you hunt. For instance, if you are out with a hunt, ensure that you have easy ways of getting around with slow and consistent efforts to clean and keep the guns unloaded. So you do not attract those unforeseen events into the action.

Just remind yourself time and again to slow the pace, whatever you do while hunting and take the time to clean up and organize your possessions and accessories. Just as any other activity, Hunting demands high levels of energy and the bound to affect your senses in more ways than you might think. So it is always recommended to keep the reserves ready to go.


Hunting is always a risky sport. But in today’s world, we have more reserves just suited to get you some of the best experiences with minimal risks. In addition, we have a lot more reserves just suited to safer and easy practices that are directed towards with a new excitement that was never seen before.

In the context of the more visible facilities in hunting, there are however some of the aspects that are deterrent when it comes to the risks involved as ever. But with a careful note on the varied factors relating to hunting, you could easily and more transparent reserves to deal with the issues as commonly seen with these sporting activities.

With all the respect to the ages of the heritage we as humans had with hunting, the future is just getting wilder with reserves for a great action and adventure. And it does pay to be on the safer side.

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